As with many areas of the law, providing advocacy and counsel to businesses requires variegated legal acumen. In the early phases of a business, there are often questions regarding what type of business entity will best suit the model, what types of licenses and permits are required, andBusiness-meeting-chart 2 questions related to financing or leases. For businesses that are going concerns, many have to upgrade their businesses legal services to keep pace with growing success, typically involving legal questions about employee manuals and policies, entering into contracts, protecting trademark and other IP, or changes to existing ownership structures. And, of course, there is always the possibility of litigation, either as plaintiff and defendant.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey K. Farr have years of experience providing guidance to small and start-up businesses. Our clients to date include tech start-ups, real estate investment companies, medicinal marijuana collectives, nonprofit corporations, auto dealers, restaurants, bars, bands, and music festivals.

The Law Offices of Jeffery K. Farr are here to help you with your Business Law needs