Many view cannabis and marijuana law as an emerging field. Frankly, this couldn’t be any further from the truth, and the reasons why are as follows: first, people have been growing and consuming hemp and marijuana for hundreds of years, posing a variety of legal challenges for at least the last forty; second, much of what our cannabis clients need from us as attorneys are the same services our other business clients need. In other words, the production and consumption of cannabis isn’t new, and what is new is that it is now becoming just another type of legal business, with many of the same concerns and challenges faced by any business.

What’s new in Cannabis Law?


However, one aspect of practicing cannabis and marijuana law that is truly exciting is the shifting dynamic in the new regulatory regime. Regulations of products introduced into the stream of commerce are always changing, but marijuana regulatory regimes are shifting at warp speed. This is especially true when one considers the evolving relationship between State and Federal laws, and the fact that multiple States have either new or imminent dual regulatory campaigns, one for medical marijuana and one for recreational adult use.

Jeff Farr was a strong advocate for marijuana legalization long before becoming an attorney. And, as an attorney, Jeff was focused heavily on small business consulting prior to expanding his practice into cannabis law. The combination of Jeff’s legal acumen and his strong ties to the cannabis community strongly influenced his decision to focus his legal practice on serving those in California and Oregon in need of legal advice related to both medicinal and recreational marijuana activities.

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