Because we at the Law Offices of Jeffrey K. Farr have such a deep seated appreciation and love for the arts, especially music, it only follows that we provide legal services to those creating and contracting for artistic works. As attorneys, we have represented a number of songwriters, bands, festivals, venues, photographers, sculptors, and other artists.

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Entertainment law can include the relatively convoluted areas of:

  • Copyright
  • Management agreements
  • Band structure
  • Licensing
  • Financing
  • And many other types of agreements.

In order to have one’s rights protected, it is important to have an attorney who is experienced in entertainment and intellectual property law because of the wide variety of revenue streams and opportunities for exploitation. Moreover, it is important to capture these agreements in writing, and with attention to detail, prior to any disputes arising. This is especially true in our digital age because of the diversity of avenues for distribution, and the possibility that someone’s creation could “go viral” tomorrow.

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