Real Property Law is a multi-dimensional practice and includes many possible types of activities, many of which our law offices have prior practical experience within. To begin with, Jeff Farr focused on real property law while in law school, and thereby achieved a Specialization Certificate, with Distinction, for Real Property Law. In addition to the many specialized classes taken in that field, Jeff began gaining experience in the field by representing some of San Francisco’s most challenged residents in disputes between the residents and SRO hotel landlords. Additionally, during law school, Jeff spent the better part of two years as an intern with the San Jose City Attorney’s Office, again working on many different types of land use issues.

In his time as a practicing attorney, Jeff has been involved in a wide variety of Real Property issues, including Buy/Sell Transactions, Commercial Lease Agreements, Landlord/Tenant disputes (both residential and commercial), Easement and Boundary Disputes, Secured Transactions and Litigation, Land Use and Zoning, Real Estate Investment Structuring, and Construction Disputes.

The Law Offices of Jeffery K. Farr are here to help you with your Real Property Law needs